Baldur’s Gate 3 Unveils Sorcerer Class In The Game’s Latest Update

Well Ain’t This Spicy?

“Forging the Arcane” is the name of the latest update to the D&D-themed Baldur’s Gate 3, and… yeah that name works pretty well. Among the patch’s contents are two major additions to the game: a new location, and a new class. A trailer (linked below) does an excellent job showing off Grymforge’s style – dark, ruined, and a source of incredible power. Being a forge, you can expect all the usual benefits to those who prefer a sword-and-board strategy, but we’re not here to talk about those. The patch also serves to introduce the game’s playerbase to the Sorcerer class – and there’s where the real fun begins.

The flavor of a sorcerer is clear from the get go – you’re not just someone who can cast spells. Magic bends to your whims, you live and breathe magic. And sometimes, it breathes through you too.

The sorcerer’s signature ability is “metamagic”, which has the fancy little perk of spell adaptation. You want a spell reach a little further? Last longer? Hit more baddies? You can bend your spells and create exactly the result you need.

On top of that, there’s a couple bloodlines for your sorcerer character to originate from – both of which impact how you play with the magical energies around you. The draconic bloodline is, well, exactly what you expect: it powers up elemental spells associated with the dragon you’ve descended from. There’s also some extra affects for you to discover on those spells, if you wanna see how far your magic can really go. With the draconic bloodline, you’re pushing your magic to the absolute limit – something that can’t be said about the “wild magic” bloodline. Here, you swap control for sheer chaos, adding random affects to your spells every so often. These impacts can be positive or negative, but will always add some level in intrigue to your encounter.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg here. The goes live today, so if you want to see how magical things can get, you’ve got no better chance than today.