Epic Games Finally Releases Achievements for their Storefront

Epic Games Finally Adding Basic Features After Years of Giveaways and Exclusives

Epic Games has announced an initial rollout launch of their achievement systems – nearly three years after the original release of their platform.  As achievements are a basic feature along with game reviews and shopping carts, this is surely a positive step in the right direction for Epic Games.

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So far, only a few popular games will have achievements:  “Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4, Alan Wake Remastered, and a few other games.”  In addition, more games will be added this year as Epic rolls out the tool to more developers.  Completing achievements will give you XP per different tiers, from Bronze to Platnium.  It is unknown what XP will be used for, but Epic has claimed that they will “drop new social features and player rewards” by the end of the year.

The achievement system Epic is releasing will supplement the already released “developer achievements.”  However, as Epic explains, those were dependent on the developer to create and maintain, not a platform wide standard.  For those who have already completed the developer achievements, they will not go away, and will even carry over when developers integrate the new achievements system in.

This is one of the first steps Epic Games has taken to improve their shop platform – which as mentioned before, does not have a shopping cart or user game reviews.  Although Epic Games has spent a lot of money on many high profile exclusives and weekly giveaways, their storefront remains woefully lacking compared to Steam.  This may mark the beginning of Epic Game’s catchup to other popular digital game storefronts.

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