The Witcher Will Have a “Kids and Family Series” on Netflix

Family Content? In MY Witcher?!

Netflix recently showcased TUDUM over the weekend. What’s TUDUM? It’s not an acronym. It’s that first beat you hear when watching a Netflix Original. Kind of like the Nintendo Switch *click* at the beginning of a trailer or when the PlayStation logo calls you a CHUMP.

During TUDUM, we were given updates on various Netflix Original series, such as Extraction, Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and the Cowboy Bebop movie, as well as The Witcher. You may have heard that season 2 is set to debut this December and that they have already been renewed for season 3.

The Witcher Season 2

There are also some other related projects that were announced. In addition to the prequel series Blood Origin and the anime film Nightmare of the Werewolf, a second anime film is on the way, as well as a “fun-filled kids and family series.” Did someone mess with the teleprompter? Do they know what IP they’re talking about?

It’s hard to imagine, but apparently there will be some family-friendly shows or films set in the world of The Witcher. If you have seen any of the episodes, played any of the games, or read any of the books, you would know that this series leans toward a more mature subject matter.

How exactly are the showrunners going to swing a “kids and family series” for The Witcher? Are we going to hear Jaskier sing some abridged versions of Geralt’s adventures? Are we going to see a chibi version of The Witcher? We might also be interpreting “kids and family” a little too literally. Maybe it will be a PG13 show with blood and violence. Who knows?

With all these announcements and speculation, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The next thing from The Witcher and Netflix will be The Witcher season 2, coming this December.

What kind of content do you want to see from Netflix and The Witcher? Let us know in the comments below.