Fortnite’s Latest Event Reminds Me Why I Hate Fashion


Wow, do I hate fashion. Fortnite’s latest collaboration with the fashion brand Balenciaga is a good reminder of this. You can buy some real-life clothing except with prices like this, no you can’t.

The Fortnite X Balenciaga collaboration offers some in-game cosmetics and some real-life cosmetics. The real-life clothes are an absolute joke. A pure white hoodie that just has Fornite and Balenciaga on it is selling for $725. You are paying over $700 to walk around in a white hoodie with two words on it. Essentially, you are paying them to advertise them. I hate this.

Fortnite promo art

Don’t worry Fortnite fans, you can also buy a hat for a mere $395. Or maybe $725 for a hoodie isn’t enough money for you. You just have a desire to waste money, and you have to spend more. Don’t worry, Balenciaga has you covered. You can get a denim jacket for $1290. Is this real life?

I guess you can also get some digital cosmetics as well. Between September 21 and September 28, fans will be able to unlock two free collaboration-based sprays in-game for completing challenges set by Shady Doggo. You will also be able to buy Balenciaga-based items and four unique collaboration-themed skins (Unchained Ramirez, Shady Doggo, Fashion Banshee, and Game Knight).

Balenciaga is selling a jacket for $1290. Do people actually buy this? If you spend your money on this, I don’t assume you are rich and cool. I assume you are terrible with money and have no personality. You could give that money to charity. You could use that money to buy video games! You could use that money for literally anything else.

Fortnite is a cultural icon, and them working with fashion brands does make sense. It would be nice if they understood their core audience is children, and the average child can’t afford a $1290 jacket, so really, I don’t understand this at all.

Are you going to buy the $1290 jacket? Please don’t. Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t buy it.