Dead Space Devs Confirm They Won’t Reveal Anything Further for a While

Dead Space Devs Are Going ‘Heads Down’ in Development

Dead Space fans were gifted to a first look into the game’s reboot just last month. As seen in the preview from Electronic Arts, the game definitely looks promising, with a particular focus on its new slice and dice technology.

The body destruction technology that we are developing—that is allowing us to really remove the flesh off of the bones of the enemy—and to give you a good sense, not only of gore, but also of how much damage am I doing to the opponent,” said EA Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola at the time.

dead space last look trailer

Unfortunately for Dead Space fans, that first peek of the game will seemingly be their last for a while. EA Motive has just confirmed today that the entire team is going “heads down” in development, and will probably not be able to show any new material regarding the game until sometime in 2022.

Everything we showed was a work in progress,” said EA Motive Community Manager Caden House. “We are going to be heads down working on the game, taking some time to review all the thoughts, theories, and suggestions you have all shared with us.”

The devs behind Dead Space will certainly be focused on improving on “things like Isaac’s suit, the aesthetic, and ambience of the Ishimura.” “We are doing work to ensure it has the right level of wear and tear,” added House.

EA revealed a footage of a developer editing a piece of the Ishimura, which will serve as Dead Space’s industrial and highly claustrophobic setting. It has become apparent, that in order to provide Dead Space fans with the best game possible, they are going to be hard at work on the game for the remaining part of the year. Come 2022, however, fans of the horror title can expect more details about the remake to be revealed.

Any upgrades to a game’s graphics are always a huge part of any remake. With that said, a comparison of the locations between the original Dead Space and the one featured in the recently shown remake preview showed that the Ishimura is getting a massive overhaul. Still, Dead Space devs used legacy assets while reconstructing the game, which means that all elements of the environment will still be intimately familiar to its players despite any applied changes.