Battlefield 2042 Progression System Revealed: Cosmetics, Customization

No Details on Battle Pass System So Far, However

With the Battlefield 2042 Beta unlocking during the second weekend of October from the 6th to the 9th, the Battlefield devs at Dice have revealed what the progression system will be.  As Battlefield 2042 will be multiplayer only, the unlock system will be crucial in determining the success of the game, as it will provide the only form of long-term progression.

battlefield 2042 beta release date

As it turns out, Battlefield 2042’s progression system relies on XP and Mastery.  Simply put, you earn more XP through playing well to earn weapon, cosmetic, and gadget rewards while mastery will allow you to earn new perks for specific weapons you perform well on.  XP is awarded to a player when the player follows different team gameplay objectives, from providing support for vehicles and allies to getting kills.  With greater XP levels, you will earn more cosmetic rewards, specialists, weapons, vehicles, and gadgets.  While rewards will cap out at 99, you can continue to progress further for the purpose of showing off your levels.

Mastery, on the other hand, lets you earn more cosmetics and hardware for a specific weapon.  You further your mastery-based progression by achieving specific accomplishments on each weapon or vehicle.  For example, if you reach a specific number of kills with a weapon, you’ll unlock a new scope.  Accomplish enough objective goals with a vehicle?  Unlock a new piece of equipment for it.

Of course, you can display all your hard-earned achievements and unlocks on a customizable Player Card.  All cosmetics’ headgear and bodies,  will be able to be mixed and matched, except for legendary skins.

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