VZR Model One Gaming Headset is Now Available

Engineered For Both Competitive Gaming and Critical Listening

The wait is over–the VZR Model One Gaming Headset, made by audiophiles for audiophiles, is now available. This headset was created for everyone: gamers, music-aficionados, audio engineers, and everyone who craves the unparalleled aural experience granted by the device’s patented CrossWave technology.

According to VZR, CrossWave is an innovation in headphone design that acoustically reshapes audio waves before they even reach the ear. The result is a spacious, natural sound more like hi-fi speakers than other headphones, which sounds like a great way to enhance your audio experience. Especially if you needed a new headset, anyway.

The company’s founder is Vic Tiscareno, former lead acoustics engineer at Apple, and he’s being backed up by a variety of veterans from across the AAA video game and sound industries. Now that’s a pedigree worth taking a second look at, especially after the VZR Model One got the approval of Keith Arem, voice director of the Call of Duty series.

According to the press release, the VZR Model One allows gamers to pick up the faintest traces of an enemy’s footsteps while still delivering a high-fidelity music experience. It also comes with a microphone that provides high-quality sound with acoustic noise-canceling technology–or rather, two microphones.

There’s a larger boom microphone that can be detached when not on calls or voice chatting and a secondary in-line mic with a mute switch that allows players to join the chat at a moment’s notice. Oh, and the headset will connect to any device with a headphone jack.

“The VZR Model One is the culmination of years of design and decades of experience to create the audiophile gaming headset the world needed,” said Tiscareno. “But I promise you, this is just the beginning for VZR as we look to radically improve the audio experience of gamers, music lovers and audio pros around the world. Stay tuned.”

The VZR Model One Gaming Headset is now available to customers in the United States. Worldwide sales are coming later this year.

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