Bethesda’s Starfield Will Not Be Coming to PlayStation

Starfield Devs Confirm That the Game Is Not Coming to the PS5

Starfield will continue to be an Xbox exclusive, as stressed—once again—by Bethesda and Xbox executives. Bethesda Global Marketing SVP Pete Hines’s recent comments fanned flames that some of their games like Starfield could be coming to the PS5 in the near future.

It is not a ‘Sorry, you are never going to get to play anything by Bethesda again’ situation,” Hines said. “Certainly, there are going to be things that you are not going to be able to play on PlayStation.” He then adds that he would not go so far as to say that players are “done ever playing stuff on PlayStation”—referring to other games they have made.

starfield xbox ps5

Some were quick to interpret his statement as a suggestion that Starfield could potentially make its way to PlayStation consoles, considering that the game was announced an Xbox exclusive at launch. However, Hines and Xbox GM of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg shot these speculations down.

Starfield will be launching exclusively on Xbox Seris X/S and PC on November 11, 2022,” wrote Greenberg. “Game Pass members can play it Day One, as well as on Xbox and PC. I know we have said this all before, and none of that has or will change.”

Greenberg also went on to say that Starfield, when it launches, will not only be a timed exclusive for Xbox consoles. “We have tried to be as clear as possible,” he added. “Not a timed exclusive. This is simply where the game is being made.”

For PS5 players, however, Greenberg reiterated that they can still play Starfield through different means—after all, Microsoft’s first-party games will also be released on PC and through the cloud. “We are not saying you have to buy an Xbox to play those games,” he added.

Microsoft seems to be in an odd spot at the moment because of their fresh multi-billion dollar purchase of Bethesda. Old deals do remain in place—such as Bethesda releasing Deathloop as a timed PlayStation exclusive. That is certainly one Bethesda game that PlayStation users will get.