Philips Teams Up With Dirac For Their First Gaming Headset

Philips’ Entry Into Gaming Headphones Seem Promising

Philips is partnering with Dirac to enter the gaming headphone game with the Philips TAGH401BL. I can tell they got the impossible name down on the first try. Seems like a great fit for games like Splitgate and PUBG.

One of the biggest features of this new headset is the ability to switch between spatial sound designed for gaming and movie and an optimized sound for music with a switch on the USB cord.

Philips seems to be taking this seriously as Dirac has already had success with 3d audio gaming headphones, so this doesn’t seem just to be a throw-away product. I just wish it didn’t look so basic. It doesn’t need to be Razer with RGB lights everywhere, but it would be nice if it had something of a more unique design.


César Acosta, Gaming Product Manager Europe/ IT Accessories & Touch Monitors Team Leader Europe, MMD had this to say:

“With our first gaming peripherals, we sought to deliver our customers a headset that can boost any gaming session just like our monitors already do. By collaborating with Dirac, we’ve equipped our gaming headset with a degree of immersion and realism typically found in much more expensive devices. We look forward to continued collaboration with Dirac as we introduce more headsets that push the boundaries in terms of quality and comfort.”

This headset promises good virtual 3d audio with 7.1 surround sound at an affordable price. It also features 40mm drives/closed-back and the ability to fold it for compact storage. Without trying it, I can’t say if it is worth the price, but it seems like a solid first foray into gaming headsets by Philips. You can check out the headset here.

The Philips TAGH401BL headset is now available at the MSRP of €59.90.

Source: Press Release