Nacon RIG 300 Pro HC Universal Headset Review – Big Sound, Budget Price

Nacon RIG 300 Pro HC Universal Headset

Gamers have plenty to spend their money on. New consoles, new games, subscriptions, accessories – the list goes on. If there’s an opportunity to get a decent product at a budget price, then you can be sure for some, they’ll take that opportunity. Having a quality 3D audio headset with features such as Dolby Atmos is a huge deal for gamers. Enter the RIG 300 Pro HC universal headset by Nacon. This budget headset promises 3D audio at a wallet-friendly price. Does it deliver? Let’s have a look.

This is the first headset I’ve reviewed that requires you to attach the earcups to the frame. It’s easy enough to do, providing you with three different slots to accommodate three different head sizes. However, it’s nowhere near as effective as the sliding mechanism that most headsets provide. If your head doesn’t exactly fit within these three different size options, then the headset will feel a bit loose or a bit tight. For me, fortunately, the large size seemed to be fine enough.

To my surprise, the earcups are surprisingly big and almost completely encompass my large ears. This definitely helps maximize the sound quality while drowning out outside noises. They’re not the most comfortable fabric, but not as bad as I’ve felt before. The frame is very light, making the overall headset feel pretty lightweight – perfect for longer game sessions. Being wired, you never have to worry about charging either, which is a huge plus.

Nacon RIG 300 Pro HC Headset

The headset features a flip microphone that provides crystal clear sound to those you’re talking with online. The microphone is unidirectional, so your friends will likely hear your dog barking, your kid complaining and your spouse nagging. Fortunately, you probably won’t hear what they hear – the benefit of noise-cancelling headsets. You’ll find a mute and volume toggle on the 1.2-meter cord.

Dolby Atmos Greatness

The RIG 300 Pro HC headset has nice, balanced audio. I’m actually surprised at the quality considering the price. I played a variety of games; Call of Duty: Vanguard, Far Cry 5, Fortnite – they all sounded good and the 3D audio seemed quite accurate. The headset is Dolby Atmos compatible, so you’ll get the best possible audio experience on a PC or Xbox. You’ll also get a 1-year subscription to Dolby Atmos in the headset box. To me, that is a huge bonus for a budget headset.

Nacon RIG 300 Pro HC Headset

Compatibility Issues?

Despite my praise for this headset, I did run into one issue. Unfortunately, I’m not 100% convinced it was an issue with the headset – so I mention this as an added note, and not something that will impact the overall score. Whenever I used this headset while playing Call of Duty: Vanguard, my controller would frequently disconnect. I did everything to resolve the issue; hard reset, new batteries in the controller, plug my controller in and re-install Vanguard completely. Hell, I even bought a brand-new controller. Nothing fixed it. I then realized it was only when this headset was plugged in. However, it did not do this with any other game. So, is it the headset or is it just something to do with Vanguard? Let’s be honest, Vanguard has a ton of issues with it – so having some sort of compatibility issue with certain headsets, although odd, isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Consider this a tale of caution rather than a slight against this headset.

The RIG 300 Pro HC headset by Nacon comes with a favourable price tag, but with high-end features. While it doesn’t technically feature noise-cancellation tech, the earcups are big enough that they should encompass most gamers’ ears, essentially creating a mock noise-cancel tech that works. 3D audio with Dolby Atmos support is a huge must for any gamer, and the fact that even budget-conscious consumers can get this now is awesome to see. The headset isn’t the most comfortable I’ve used. I would have preferred they offer a sliding frame as opposed to three earcup slots for sizing. I’m also a bit concerned after my issues with Call of Duty: Vanguard – I sure hope other games have the same controller disconnect issue when using this headset. However, all-in-all, this is a brilliant headset for gamers on a budget looking for quality sound.

***Rig 300 Pro HC provided by the manufacturer***


The Good

  • Budget Price
  • Dolby Atmos Compatible

The Bad

  • Not the best fit