Phasmophobia Releases Two New Ghosts in Massive Exposition Update Today

Crouching Myling, Hidden Goryo

The ghost-hunting indie game Phasmophobia announced that a major update is coming today: the Exposition Update. This new wave of content includes two new spooky ghosts to hunt–or be hunted by–as well as a new piece of equipment used to find a new evidence type, some reworked mechanics, and a variety of fixes and quality of life tweaks.

If you were beginning to grow numb to the wraiths and phantoms Phasmophobia has to offer, the new Myling and Goryo should upset things with new behavior patterns. The Myling flips the usual haunting formula on its head by being noisy when it’s safe and going eerily quiet when hunting, while the Goryo is so shy you may have trouble identifying it until you’ve already stumbled into its lair.

Taken from Scandinavian folklore, the Myling is a victim of infanticide, a child spirit that supposedly haunts the area where their parents hid their bodies. The Goryo, meanwhile, is taken from Japanese folklore and is supposedly a vengeful ghost from the aristocratic class–often a lord who was martyred. In Phasmophobia, both spirits have taken on new life as possible foes.

Also added in this update is the DOTS Projector, which will allow you to detect the distorted silhouette of a moving spirit. Sprint mechanics have been reworked, electronic equipment will now alert ghosts the same way voices will alert ghosts, and hunting ghosts will now move much faster when they can see you.

Additionally, you can now pick up paranormal sounds with the parabolic microphone when you’re aiming it at a ghost and all equipment except the Sound Sensor has new visuals and effects. Phasmophobia is also adding some new post-processing effects for players and CCTV, which should help make the ghostly atmosphere even more smothering.

Finally, some of the many tweaks and fixes added in the Exposition Update include evidence changes for all ghosts, glowsticks glow length, improved lighting on most maps, ghosts no longer being visible at the start of a hunt until they begin moving, and changes to player hand skin color based on the character you’re playing as. Sounds like a hefty update.


Phasmophobia is available for PC.

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