Phantom Abyss Adds a Treasure Trove of New Content in the Overturned Update Today

More Rooms, More Spikes, More Ways to Die

The asynchronous multiplayer Phantom Abyss challenges you to raid even more procedurally generated temples with the Overturned Update dropping today. This update adds a treasure trove of new content and fixes to the game, setting the stage for how the developers plan to expand Phantom Abyss throughout its Early Access period. As a cherry on top, Phantom Abyss will also be 25% off all week.

The Overturned Update features 28 new trap-laden chambers as well as a new mechanic: treacherous rotating rooms that will turn players upside down. In order to complete your quest, you’ll have to master walking on the ceiling as well as walking on the floor–and as we know, walking on the floor in Phantom Abyss is a tricky proposal at best.

Even better, the Adventurers’ Basic Whip has received a Blessing that will allow you to keep ahold of it–even at the expense of other tools. But hey, at least you know now that it will never be lost, right?

Additionally, the new update is bringing a variety of fixes to a variety of problems, including network connection issues, back-end stability fixes, as well as new visual cues and upgrades to some existing items. The list of items getting revamped includes trap doors, the Portal Screen, foliage, and Relic Room doors.

The plan is for Phantom Abyss to expand and continue adding new content throughout its Early Access period. The Overturned Update is a good start, but it’s only the beginning.

According to the press release, Phantom Abyss will see new chambers, traps, whips, and additional gameplay features added as time goes by. The result should be a game that’s continuously updated and has plenty of new stuff being added all the way through Early Access.

Phantom Abyss is currently available on PC.

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