New Metroid Dread Trailer Has Mysterious Implications

The Looming Threat

Metroid Dread’s release is getting closer by the day and the suspense is building. A new trailer was released today on several Nintendo YouTube channels, like the Russian and Japanese ones. There isn’t any text or voice over, so it’s the same for each country.

Metroid Dread

The trailer is very short, but carries serious implications for the story. Samus puts on her archeologist helmet for this one. We find a wall of hieroglyphs, similar to ones made in ancient Egypt. These are made by the Chozo, the ancient species that created the Metroids.

If you are not familiar with Metroid lore, the Chozo were an ancient beak-faced race that prized knowledge above all else. They were very advanced and made colonies all across the galaxy, sharing their knowledge and technology with other species. They also valued native plants in each planet the visited, but came across the X Parasite, which threated the existence of all life. For this reason, they created the Metroids.

The Chozo also adopted Samus Aran and gave her a DNA transfusion with their own, training her to become a warrior. Now that I think about it, Metroid is really Halo before Halo.

In this trailer, Samus reads the Chozo hieroglyphs and something in her supposedly awakens. It is unclear how this will play into her conflict with the EMMI enemies, but it is clear that this game is not going to just be a scary run-in with deadly robots. Metroid Dread will be coming out on October 8th exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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