Klepto Presents Iconic and Intricate Cosplay That is Out of This World

The Work of Klepto

We’re back with the weekly COGconnected cosplay feature. As you might have guessed, we love cosplayPhotographstutorials, even convention recordings, whatever form it takes. This week, we’re taking a look at Klepto, a Japanese cosplayer with a hefty library of gorgeous cosplays. All of her outfits might as well have stepped right out of the screen, including wigs, contacts, accessories, and even some really impressive tattoo work. If you’re impressed by game–and anime–accurate cosplays, look no further, because Klepto has a knack for bringing 2D characters to vibrant life.

Sora – Kingdom Hearts

Aoba Seragaki (featuring Mabs/@ionceateaspoon as Noiz) – DRAMAtical Murder

Toshinori Yagi/All Might – My Hero Academia

Ookurikara – Touken Ranbu

Yuna – Final Fantasy X

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