Knightmage’s Action-Packed Cosplay Will Get Your Heart Pounding

The Work of Knightmage

Once again, we’re back and bringing you the weekly COGconnected cosplay feature. Brace yourselves: this one packs a real punch. Knightmage is an international cosplayer whose creativity and astounding attention to detail have created a host of memorable photoshoots–including a fantastic Mortal Kombat group shoot–since he began cosplaying in 2012. When he’s not dressing up to bring attention to cosplay and boost the confidence of other potential cosplayers, he’s at work as a decorated 16 year veteran Deputy Sheriff in Ohio, which goes to show that cosplay is for everyone. Scroll down to check out some of our favorites from his catalog.

Black Panther, Black Bolt, Namor, and a Skrull – Marvel Comics

Wolverine – Marvel Comics

Homelander – The Boys

Spawn, The Savage Dragon, The Maxx, and Grifter – Image Comics


Chun-li – Street Fighter

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