Check Out the Hand-Drawn Gameplay of Forgive Me Father

Very Graphic, Very Novel

1C Entertainment is on its way in developing a game called Forgive Me Father. They have shown some pre-alpha gameplay footage and right off the bat, you can see the distinct visual style and gameplay style being captured in this game.

In Forgive Me Father, the enemies, the environmental objects, and the player are all 2D figures in a 3D space, not unlike the classic Doom and Wolfenstein games. The game also takes inspiration from graphic novel horrors, like The Walking Dead with the types of enemies and the artistic style.

Forgive Me Father

Players can select the Priest or the Journalist to play as in Forgive Me Father. This gameplay video shows off the Priest in action. It is unclear what differences, if any, there are between the playable characters. The developer does mention that the player can upgrade and customize their character, so maybe the differences between the Priest and Journalist will reveal themselves there.

We see the Priest switching between their revolver, shotgun, and automatic guns, depending on the combat situation. There is also a knife for close combat/desperate situations. Like classic, retro FPSs, Forgive Me Father is very fast paced, but also has secrets scattered throughout the game that you may want to take your time looking for.

For those of you whose interest has been piqued, 1C Entertainment will be showing off more features and other content for Forgive Me Father in the coming months. As for a release, there is no concrete official release date, but Forgive Me Father will be entering Early Access in October. Forgive Me Father will be released on PC.

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