Latest Mistwalker JRPG Fantasian Releases Part 2 Today

Final Fantasy Creator’s New JRPG Concluded

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy Series, releases Part 2 of his latest JRPG, Fantasian, on Apple Arcade today.  Fantasian Part 1 was released earlier this year as one of the best exclusives on the Apple Arcade, with Part 2 concluding the game.  Fantasian has a typical JRPG plot, following the protagonist Leo who suffers from amnesia and is drawn into a quest to save the world. 

Fantasian screenshot 

Although Fantasian draws inspiration heavily from the Final Fantasy games, it does make a few innovations to its gameplay.  Primarily, the classic turn-based combat is given the additional twist of aim-based abilities.  This adds a greater strategic depth to the gameplay, as you can potentially hit more or different enemies based on where you aim your curved or straight projectiles.  

Moreover, the game backgrounds are all created from real-life dioramas, giving the game a unique and stylish appearance.  Finally, Fantasian introduces the “dimengeon” system, which allows you to “store” random encounters until you wish to fight.  This is a great solution for players who wish to explore a region without any annoying interruptions.  

Nobuo Uematsu, also famous for his work in Final Fantasy, is also providing the music score for this game.  You can listen to the fantastic Fantasian soundtrack on Spotify.  

You can access this game only through Apple Arcade, which means that you can play on any iOS, Mac, or Apple TV device.  As it is part of the Apple Arcade subscription, it will not contain any subscriptions or microtransactions.  This continuation of the game is expected to take anywhere between 40-60 hours, according to Mistwalker, and will focus on “quest-driven” gameplay rather than story-driven.  

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