Biomutant Has Managed to Sell Over 1 Million Copies

Furry, Rough, and Successful

Biomutant may have launched with some issues, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed it down at all. The game has managed to sell over 1 million copies and manage to make its money back in the first week despite the rough launch state and the time spent updating the game.

Embracer Group, the parent company of developer Experiment 101, confirmed the success in a recent report:

“The main revenue driver in the quarter was the release of Biomutant from our internal studio Experiment 101. So far, the game has sold more than one million copies. The full investment into development and marketing as well as the acquisition cost for Experiment 101 and the IP, was recouped within a week after launch.”

Biomutant Atomic Edition

Embracer Group mentioned that their first-quarter met expectation and Biomutant helped played a part in that. Embracer Group also mentioned that the addition of Easybrain and Gearbox helped contribute to this success.

I’m just happy that developer Experiment 101 has managed to find success on their first project. With Biomutant successfully under their belt, I’m excited to see what the studio will manage to develop next.

biomutant feature

Biomutant was a game I was always interested in. It has such an interesting look, and kung fu animals sounds like fun. The launch issues really put me off, however. Now, it sounds like a lot of work has been done, and it might be worth checking out now.

A recent major update added lock-on and cut down on duplicates to improve variety. The no lock-on was a major concern for me and did happen the experience for some, so it is nice to see it added alongside some other tweaks.

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