Genshin’s Lackluster Anniversary Draws Community Criticism

Update 2.1 and Horizon Zero Dawn Character Aloy To Be Released Soon

Genshin Impact has arguably become one of the most influential and largest Gacha and mobile games over its one year lifespan.  With Genshins’ first anniversary coming up, the somewhat disappointing rewards have drawn community criticism and anger over Mihoyo’s unwillingness to reward free to play and pay to play gamers alike.

The anniversary rewards have been confirmed by a recent Playstation Blog that the rewards are indeed only “up to” 10 intertwined fates plus some additional resources.  One intertwined fate will give one pull in a banner, so ten will give a single “multi” on a single banner.  With Genshins’ rates, players may not be even guaranteed a 4 star for the game’s anniversary – even with any extra primogem rewards.

For context, giving rewards for anniversaries are not uncommon for many Gachas.  For example, in mobile games like “Puzzles and Dragons” or “AFK Arena,” all players were given 100 rolls in anniversary celebrations.  In addition, in Genshin’s last Chinese New Years’ event “Lantern Rite,” players were given arguably a better reward: a 4* of your choice.  

On a more positive note, Genshin’s 2.1 update will be released soon.  With the quest “Omnipresence Over Mortals,” it appears that the main story of Inazuma will be concluded.  While the Horizon Zero Dawn character “Aloy” will release on Playstation, you must wait until version 2.2 to claim the 5 star cyro bow wielder on other platforms.  There will also be three new playable characters added along with Aloy.  Finally, the most important feature of all – fishing – will be released along with this update.  You will be able to produce fish meat, exchange fish for rewards, and redeem fish for new fishing rods.  

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