Genshin Impact Wants to Know What You Think of Version 1.1 Events

We Hope You Like Surveys

So Genshin Impact is pretty cool, as gacha games go (and despite the changes to the Resin system). We think so, anyway, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new area which promises to launch in December. In the meantime, fans can keep busy with this Community Satisfaction Survey from miHoYo, which was published on November 27th. Fair warning, it does contain spoilers for the new chapter, so try and beat that before taking the quiz. You’ll probably have a lot to say about it. Either way, we’ll try and keep the rest of this article spoiler-free.

The devs want to know some basic personal information about you–age, gender, how many hours you’ve played Genshin Impact this week–and then graduate to more specific game-related questions. Okay, that last one was pretty specific (and game-related). Our bad. It’s to gauge whether or not you’ve been playing the ongoing Unreconciled Stars event, and if it brought you to the game in the first place. Next, the survey will ask your opinion on the social media side of things, including the Genshin Impact Facebook and the official site. Then it zooms in on the visual side of the game. By which we mean, it’s key art analysis time! Hope you like looking at Childe’s empty-eyed but blissful smile as much as we do!

We kid, we kid. Well, actually, we don’t kid, because miHoYo really does want to know your impressions of the artwork for the four new characters: Zhongli, Childe, Diona, and Xinyan. Also, they want to know what you think of Childe in general, both story-wise and gameplay-wise. Like him being a hydro character? Have something to say about his ability to switch between fighting styles? Now is the chance to make yourself heard. Finally, they’re asking about your thoughts on the Adventurers Assemble event and Stone Harbor Treasure Journal event. Be sure to tell them how you feel!

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