Captainsparklez’ hit song “Revenge” Reaches Very Special Anniversary

A Decade?! Aww Man…

It was a different era, back in 2011. Minecraft was a new internet sensation, and was yet to see its peak. For many, these were the glory days of the fledgling sandbox title. It was a time of excitement for Minecraft’s many fans, with the game being responsible for many iconic faces of the modern Youtube landscape. And one day, exactly 10 years before this article would be written, Jordan Marron (known under the username Captainsparkez) uploaded what became one of the most well-known pieces of Minecraft fan-created content.

Even in those days, Minecraft song parodies weren’t a new invention. Plenty of channels had gone through projects like this, Captainsparklez included. Each one had a stellar performance, but few would have the lasting impact of “Revenge.”

The parody of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” (like I said, it was a different time) featured a simple story, one that most Minecraft players could relate to: a Creeper got the best of you, and now it’s time for some payback. The main purpose of the song is clear: it’s all about giving the viewer the Minecraft references they want to see. Does it add anything to Usher’s song? Not really. Did it even need to be a parody? Youtube’s algorithms certainly appreciated it, and it made the writing process a lot easier, but that’s more or less the extent of it. The song is relatively transparent with its goals, but that’s also what makes it so genuine. It’s not here to hide anything. It likes Minecraft, and so does the viewer.

In a modern context, there’s a degree of ironic enjoyment, sure. It’s corny, it’s old, and it’s more than fallen out of fashion. But at the same time, it reflects so much genuine enjoyment of a bygone era that those nostalgic for it can’t help but sing along. The incredibly cathartic ending sequence was a dream come true for almost everyone watching at the time, but that’s not what stuck with people so so long: it’s that opening line – that heart-piecing cry of “Aww man!” – that draws people in. And when the song had a resurgence of popularity a couple years back, that line was all you had to say to create an impromptu recital – one fueled by complete unironic enjoyment of something that, under any other circumstance, would have been a long-forgotten memory.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of “Revenge.” If you have the time, give this piece of Minecraft history a listen. The game has maintained its place as a keystone of internet culture, and this song is a major reason why.