Our First Look At Oro’s Gameplay In Street Fighter V

A New Take On An Old Favorite

The end is finally nigh for Street Fighter V – after being supported with new content, new updates and new editions ever since its launch back in 2016. With the launch of the Season 5 roadmap, Capcom have announced that this batch of updates will be the last for the iconic fighting game. There are just 3 new characters left to be introduced, and now we’ve gotten a look at exactly how one of them will play.

Street Fighter V Season 5

Oro is a character first seen in Street Fighter III: New Generation, with plenty of appearances across the franchise since then. He’s a hermit who’s unlocked the secret to immortality, allowing him to live to the impressive age of 141 so far. In the Street Fighter lore, Oro is one of the most powerful characters we’ve seen, with his mastery of the mystic art of Senjutsu giving him complete control over his ki. Oro is a fair fighter though, and to give his opponents a fighting chance he’s magically bound one arm behind his back while he’s fighting.

With Oro being one of the more… uniquely designed characters from Street Fighter history, it’s somewhat surprising that his design and his moveset have translated pretty well into Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s 3D style. True to his original appearance in Street Fighter III: New Generation, Oro fights using only one hand – however, rather than his other hand being bound by a spell, he’s now got a little friend to take care of. In his off hand, Oro now carries a small turtle that he protects throughout his fights.

Oro will be released as part of the Season 5 Character/Premium Pass, along with Akira Kamaza, on August 16th. After that, there’s just one more character left to be introduced into Street Fighter V: Luke, a character touted as being “a key player in the future of Street Fighter“, will be released this November.