Ubisoft Delist Might & Magic X Following DRM Shutdown

Not So Mighty

When it was first announced back in April that Ubisoft would be shutting down the servers for their 2014 RPG Might & Magic X: Legacy, we never would’ve guessed that it would leave the game entirely unplayable. Now, though, it seems that rather than working to solve the issue, Ubisoft are (at least for now) doubling down on their stance, removing Might & Magic X from Steam entirely.

Might & Magic X: Legacy is the follow-up to the classic Might & Magic series, which started with Might & Magic Book One: The Secret Of The Inner Sanctum all the way back in 1986. Since then, the sci-fi/fantasy world of Might & Magic has been rebooted into a more traditional fantasy fare with no link to previous games in the 2006 titles Heroes of Might & Magic V and Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic. There was a full 10 years between the release of Might & Magic IX and X, and because of the reboot Might & Magic X serves as a sequel to Heroes of Might & Magic VI. While Might & Magic X received some fairly mixed reviews at launch, most critics agreed that it was a faithful representation of the classic RPGs that preceded it.

The trouble started when Ubisoft shu tdown of Might & Magic X’s online servers back at the beginning of this month. The ending of these servers resulted in some serious DRM issues for Might & Magic X, preventing players from progressing past Act 1.In a statement to PC Gamer Magazine, a Ubisoft representative claimed that they were “aware and investigating the reported issues”. Now, however, it seems that the investigation may take a touch longer than expected – Might & Magic X has been removed from the Steam store entirely, the ‘Add To Cart’ button replaced with a note saying “Notice:¬†At the request of the publisher, Might & Magic X – Legacy is no longer available for sale on Steam.”