Tales of Arise Presents Fishing, Cooking, and Revamped Skits in New Activity Trailer

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The Tales series has become famous for the amount of care and detail it pours into the worlds it creates, and Tales of Arise may well contain the most spectacular world yet. From its gorgeous mountaintops to its grand cities, Rena and Dahna are a visual treat, and now the game has revealed some of the many activities players can engage in there.

While Tales of Arise–like most JRPGs–is setting up to have a central plot that drives the game forward at a fast, driving pace, the game also features a variety of ways to pass the time more calmly. The first activity featured in this trailer is fishing, a sedate activity demonstrated by Tales of Arise’s stoic knight Kisara.

The trailer also showcases the characters interacting with each other in a more casual setting, as well as showing off the return of the series iconic rappigs, long-eared animals somewhere between a rabbit and a pig. Judging by this video, players will be able to interact with rappigs and other animals, structures, and landmarks to gather resources used for cooking.

Speaking of cooking, that’s making a strong return as well, as shown by several scenes of the party sitting around a campfire while one of their number puts together a meal. In the video, it appears that Shionne has volunteered as tribute, leading to a cute little scene with Alphen where he appears to compliment her soup.

After the section on cooking comes something we’ve been waiting for since Tales of Arise was announced: the skits. For those of you who don’t know, skits–short animated chats between the party that serve to expand their characters and explore the world–are one of the main appeals of the Tales games.

The Tales of Arise preview we had a chance to try a while back did not include skits and apparently, it had a good reason: in this game, the skits won’t be conveyed through simple character portraits or even animated busts, they’ll be fully animated using the in-game models. This trailer shows parts of a few skits, including Dohalim being bothered by Alphen maintaining his sword, Kisara laughing so hard she might fall over, and Law punching Alphen’s armored torso hard enough to hurt his hand.

The world–or worlds, we suppose–of Tales of Arise is huge and filled with stuff to do, and colorful personalities to do it with. We’re looking forward to the chance to experience it in full.

Tales of Arise will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC on September 10th, 2021. Pre-orders are now available.

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