New Video Shows Samus Going Up Against EMMI in Metroid Dread

Stand Your Ground

We know that the upcoming Metroid Dread game will be taking on a bit of a survival/horror theme with the introduction of EMMI enemy types. In the early stages of the game, EMMI will be invulnerable to Samus’ standard attacks. Still, as the Metroidvania rules dictate, your weapons and attacks will become more useful as you play.

As we have seen in the trailer, if EMMI catches up to Samus, that’s bad news. You will be grabbed by the neck and probably laser-faced. However, there will be a way to stand against EMMI at some point. Nintendo has released some gameplay footage of Samus using an upgraded weapon to stop EMMI in their tracks.

Metroid Dread EMMI

As we have been told before, the new weapons, Omega Blaster and Omega Stream, will be useful against EMMI. Be careful when you use them, though; Samus will not be able to move when using them. Starting to sound like a Metroid Prime game, huh?

From the new footage, as EMMI approaches Samus, hitting it with the Omega Blaster begins to slow it down until its faceplate falls off. After that, EMMI will walk upright toward Samus, hopefully, more vulnerable to her attacks.

It looks like getting the two Metroid Dread Amiibos will be very beneficial to players taking a stand against EMMI. Metroid Dread will be coming out on October 8th for Nintendo Switch.

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