Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Coming To Xbox Today

Let Your Dreams Take Flight

After a year of its original release on PC, the highly acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming over to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S today. The game will go live at 8 AM PT, 11 AM ET, and 4 PM UK, today. It very well may be already live by the time you are reading this, so check your Xbox Store!

The game lets you explore virtually anywhere in the world. If you feel like visiting the Eiffel Tower, go for it, why not take a detour right after and fly over to the Giza pyramids, I also hear the Great Wall of China is nice this time of the year. You will probably even be able to find your own home if you really feel the itch to do so.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming over to consoles and bringing along with it its stunningly detailed graphics. On the Xbox Series X, you will be able to play at 4K and 30FPS. On the Xbox Series S however, the highest you can go is 1080p with 30FPS.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received a 95/100 in our review, so make sure to grab your own copy on PC, and Xbox Series X/S. If you want to give the game a try without breaking the bank, you’ll be happy to know that it’s coming to Gamepass on day 1, as is the case with all Xbox exclusives.