A First Look at Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Is Impressive

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Asobo Studio’s Microsoft Flight Simulator is an impressive feat on the PC. It is packed with a ton of real-world locations, a wide variety of aircraft, and there is still more to come. This week, it will make its console debut, and from what the previews show, it looks very promising.

Windows Central’s Matt Brown got his hands on Microsoft Flight Simulator and graced us with some fine-looking screenshots and gameplay footage. If you were concerned that a console port of the game might suffer in the graphics department, have no fear. The video was captured from the Xbox Series X, and the screenshots are from the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

We see first-person shots of the interior of the plane and third-person shots of the exterior, and a better look at the landscape. All the buttons, dials, and switches in the cockpit are accessible with a cursor-style movement of the right stick, so the mouse controls from the PC version still have a major presence on console.

The differences between the Series X and S are present for pretty much all games. It’s no different with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Both consoles can reliably clock in at 30fps. The Series X has 4K resolution, and Series S hits 1080p. The game is a relatively slow experience, so we can forgive it for having a lower framerate, right?

If you have Microsoft Flight Simulator on your high-end PC, more power to you. If you have either Xbox Series X or S and Xbox Game Pass, you can still play the game at a great quality for much less spending. Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now on PC and will be on Xbox Series X|S on July 27th.

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