Grindstone Celebrates the Lost Lair Free Update With a Hilarious Trailer

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Grindstone‘s bright colors and adorably gory style mesh well with its playful sense of humor, and we’re thrilled to see the game getting a new expansion and a new trailer. The Lost Lair update is coming completely free to Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and PC copies of the game, opening up a treasure trove of new opportunities for players to kill or be killed by Creeps, Jerks, and more.

The Lost Lair update focuses on an abandoned mine found near the peak of Grindstone Mountain, filled to brimming with colorful new enemies for players to slay in a blaze of glorious puzzle-solving. Even better, the new locale features a familiar nemesis–protagonist Jorj’s rival, Jjary, who has made the Lost Lair his home. It’s time for you to take Jjary down once and for all, and it’s going to be as fun as it is bloody.

The trailer takes the form of a parody workplace compensation ad offering to give Creeps and Jerks some compensation for all the terrible workplace accidents that keep happening to them, mostly because of Jorj. The Lost Lair also offers a new enemy in the form of Scävengr, an enemy so ominous that even the trailer warns that injuries caused by him aren’t covered.

Key features include:

  • 20 new levels with new hazards such as TNT crates, molten-grindstone lava, and more
  • Scävengr, a new mini-boss who is half-Jerk, half-Grindstone will challenge your strategies
  • A new boss fight with Jorj’s rival Jjary, including a new encounter cinematic

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, cute gore, and fun in general, we suggest you check this update out now. After all, you can’t beat free.

Grindstone is now available on iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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