Grindstone Launches on PC With a Bright and Gory Accolades Trailer

The Puzzle-Battle Splatter-Fest Invades the Epic Games Store

Grindstone started off as an indie mobile game with one simple goal: to deliver brightly-colored puzzle-action fun to your phone without dragging itself down with timers, gems, and everything else that drags the market down these days. It succeeded at that goal so well that it’s been ported: first to the Nintendo Switch, and now to PC via the Epic Games Store. Developer Capy has chosen to celebrate this monumental achievement with a brand new accolades trailer designed to showcase why Grindstone is making such an impact. We gotta say, it’s a pretty convincing watch. Look out for lots and lots of cartoon gore, though, because this game is a bright and cheerful bloodbath.

The PC port opens with every update the mobile game has gotten as of writing, meaning that new players will be welcomed with 250 increasingly difficult levels of Creep-squashing, multiple daily challenge modes with unique leaderboards, and a wide array of helpful outfits and gear to stuff blue bloodthirsty protagonist Jorj into. It’s designed to be easy to pick up and tough to master, making it ideal for capyboth short bursts of play and longer grinding sessions. We’d say it’s an ideal game to play on the bus, but the pandemic has kinda ruined that for most of us, so instead we’ll say it’s an ideal game to play during your lunch break. And after work. And before work. And in general.

If there’s room in your life for a cute, gory, and, above all else, fun puzzle game with a stunning soundtrack, consider giving Grindstone a shot. Spend a few hours frantically matching–and squishing–monsters. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Grindstone is now available on iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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