Dying Light 2 Gameplay Could Be A Fallout Dupe with New Factions

Dying Light 2 Gameplay Features a Fallout-Like Post-Apocalyptic World

Dying Light 2 details have been a bit scarce over the year with very little to no information about its gameplay online. Fortunately for those who have been waiting, Techland just released some trailers that highlighted what the new game has in store for its fans. The videos that featured Dying Light 2 gameplay show a new choice and consequence type of mechanic to the lead character’s wrist accessory.

As seen in the Dying Light 2 trailers, players are given a glimpse of the world after the events that took place in Harran in the original game, which was released in 2015.

The new world has been decimated by the virus that Dying Light veterans faced in Harran in the first game. Playing as Aiden Caldwell, Dying Light 2 gameplay storyline is laid heavily on doing odd jobs for the remaining population of The City—which is one of the last human cities in the world. Twenty years have passed and Aiden will have to return to The City and will determine its fate. Dying Light 2 players will have to decide which faction to be allies or enemies with, each of which vying to obtain ultimate control of the area. The factions will be called Peacekeepers, Renegades, and Survivors.

Dying Light 2 gameplay

It would seem that the Dying Light 2 gameplay has a post-apocalyptic premise that is pretty much like Fallout. Although there is nothing wrong with this story shift, nothing from the original game seemed to have warranted such change. This change in the Dying Light 2 gameplay has been critiqued to be a bit too simplistic in terms of being like a game that the gaming community has already seen before. Moreover, it would appear that the political scene within The City might not be as complicated as it is being told to be if it can easily be swayed by a single freerunner.

This Fallout-esque modification in the Dying Light 2 gameplay was not expected, but it did not really come as a big surprise. After all, Chris Avellone, Fallout: New Vegas writer, did have a huge hand in Dying Light 2’s development. It was Techland’s decision to remove Avellone from the team following sexual harassment claims.