Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Getting a Hotfix Today

Your Flights Will No Longer Crash

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received a major update this week alongside its launch on Xbox consoles. While the update did a lot of good, it also reportedly has been causing crashes for a lot of PC players, even when they’re just viewing the world map. A hotfix has been announced in a new development update and should be released today.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The update releasing today will include various fixes such as the game no longer freezing when connecting peripherals, VR options will no longer be duplicated, users won’t face a problem when interacting with UI elements, and of course, the game should no longer be crashing. For the full list of fixes and enhancements, take a look at the official blog.

The original update that caused the PC crashes, has actually done a lot of good as well. It enhanced the game in a lot of ways including faster load times, better memory and GPU usage, improved multi-core support for CPU, and stutters have been significantly reduced.

“We are actively working on making this sim the best experience possible, and look forward to seeing videos, comments, and more from you about this release.” said the MSFS team.

The hotfix will release today July 30th, at 8 am PT and 11 am ET. It will be coming to all devices the game is available on, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. You can also grab your own copy of the game by subscribing to Xbox Gamepass.