Switch May Compromise Overwatch 2 Visuals, If You Can Believe It

[Pretend Shock]

While Overwatch 2 is still a ways away, all we can really do is sit and wait around for it. Whether you are planning to play it on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, it will not come out until 2022 at the earliest. We are not left completely in the dark though. Last month, the Overwatch development team held an AMA for Overwatch 2. Of course, the topic of performance on different hardware came up, and lo and behold, the Nintendo Switch version will be coming up short in a few ways.

Overwatch 2 Platforms

Anyone who has a Nintendo Switch will tell you that it is an impressive machine that has a ton of useful features. It may not have the power of a PC, Xbox Series X|S, or PS5, but it finds a way to support some pretty technologically demanding titles. That being said, the Switch will not have all the shiny bells and whistles that a high-end PC will have when running Overwatch 2. In last’s month AMA, technical director John Lafleur, “As hardware has advanced since the launch of Overwatch, we are extending the OW2 engine with more high-end features. However, we’re also working hard to make sure all of our platforms get the best experience, even in PvE. Switch is a little more challenging than some, and we’ll have to make some compromises there. For that reason, some of the higher end visual enhancements might not be visible, there. We’ll focus on making sure all of the gameplay-related features get in, first, and then accentuate with additional features as much as possible.”

Understandable. A great looking game is not much if the gameplay features don’t work. Obviously, with a competitive game like Overwatch 2, you want to make sure that the performance does not suffer because of anything unnecessary. Overwatch 2 will be coming out on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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