Sam and Max: This Time It’s Virtual Launching Next Month

Cartoon Reality

VR has a ton of capabilities. Sure, they almost always involve shooting a laser, telepathically opening doors, swinging a virtual object, and using crude physics, but otherwise you can do almost anything. When you set that technology in the realm of cartoons, well… then really can do anything. Logic will no longer hold you back. That is what is in store for you when you pick up Sam and Max: This Time It’s Virtual, which comes out next month. It will debut on Oculus, Steam, and Vive, before coming to PSVR at a later date.

Sam and Max: This Time It's Virtual

In March, developer Happy Giant released a gameplay trailer, showing us segments of how the player is going to be assisting Sam and Max in their latest case. You will be schlepping around evidence, meeting colorful characters on your investigation, firing lasers and rockets at robots, and giving chase to suspects, all while watching the antics of Sam and Max. The screenshots also indicate you will be doing other tasks as menial as making coffee and as crazy as fighting off what appears to be a hydra in the streets.

Sam and Max’s VR adventure might not be the only game in the pipeline for this franchise. Since Sam and Max Save the World was remastered, Skunkape Games has played around with the idea of remastering the two subsequent seasons in the series. Sam and Max: This Time It’s Virtual will be coming out on July 8th for Oculus Quest, SteamVR, and Viveport, and PSVR in 2022.

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