Dota 2 Introduces Nemestice Battle Pass, AMD Fidelity and Game Mode


Dota pioneered the MOBA genre which has now become a staple in the video game industry currently led by the titans, League of Legends and Dota 2. Valve’s Dota 2 places players into 5v5 competitive battles wherein they must conquer their opponents using hundreds of different heroes, tactics and combinations. As the game continues to grow, the content has not stopped flowing. Most recently, Valve have announced a free game mode to celebrate the Nemestice event, a battle pass and support for AMD FidelityX Super Resolution. Furthermore, Dota 2 is one of the biggest names in the eSports industry. Valve have announced that the Regional Qualifiers for the International will begin as scheduled on 23rd June and continue until 10th July.

New Dota 2 Heroes

The Nemestice stone was left drifting in space following the Radiant Ore and Direstone crashing to the world. Now, the Nemestice Storm has brought destruction upon the world as Nemestice offers power over both Ancients, and there is no greater prize. In the Nemestice event game, players must gather meteorite fragments, channel its power and destroy their enemies’ towers to gain strength and to taste sweet victory! The Nemestice Battle Pass includes a plethora of great rewards that can be unlocked by playing, or simply purchased. If players are able to push their levels far enough, they will obtain further rewards such as Immortal Treasures, Dragon Knight Persona, Spectre Arcana and more. The battle pass ‘Level 1’ bundle costs USD$7.49 while the battle pass ‘Level 100’ bundle costs USD$41.99 and the ‘Level 50’ bundle costs USD$26.99.

Besides the battle pass and game mode, this update adds support for AMD FidelityFX, which allows the game to render at a lower resolution and upscale the results for an improved image quality. This will allow for higher quality rendering and graphical quality at less resource cost. Fidelity FX Super Resolution can be enabled via the ‘Options Menu’ and works on any GPU compatible with DirectX 11 or Vulkan.

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