Classic Horror Comes To Switch With Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water

Smile For The Camera!

It’s hard to deny that Nintendo’s E3 Direct was one of the strongest showings at this year’s online E3 event – between the return of old-school, 2D Metroid gameplay in Metroid Dread, the announcement of the iconic Tekken fighter Kazua Mishima joining the Smash Ultimate roster, and our first look at stunning Breath of the Wild 2 gameplay, it was certainly much more action-packed than other presentations throughout the weekend. One of the most unique titles revealed was a full-blown survival horror game, as the Fatal Frame franchise is coming to the Switch with its newest installment: Maiden of Black Water.

The Fatal Frame series is probably best known for its unique style of survival horror – rather than scrounging for bullets to blast your foes away, Fatal Frame revolves around the use of a camera to picture and capture restless souls. Maiden of Black Water is no exception, with protagonists¬†Yuri Kozukata, Ren Hojo, and Miu Hinasaki making their way through the haunted Mt. Hikami with nothing but a flashlight and their Camera Obscura. Along the way, they’ll uncover the mountain’s mysteries and – hopefully – find their missing friends.

Originally released for the Wii U, the Switch edition of Maiden of Black Water has received a number of upgrades to bring it into the current generation – upgraded visuals and reworked game mechanics that no longer require the Wii U gamepad, as well as a brand-new Photo Mode that’ll give you control over the positioning, posing and costumes of characters and ghosts to create spooky scenes of your own.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC later in 2021. However, it’ll only be called Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water in the US: In Europe, the franchise is named Project Zero instead.