Finally, A Second Trailer For Breath of The Wild 2

Two Years We’ve Been Waiting

Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct was full of great news, but this? We’ve been waiting years for this one. Finally, a new trailer for the second Breath of The Wild game is here! Several things are revealed, some of them great! Some of them exhausting. Let’s go over them all!

Breath of The Wild 2

First off, the bad news. Princess Zelda is definitely getting rescued. They didn’t come right out and say it, but! A shot of her falling into a hole, a laughing villain, Link getting a new power, it all says she’s patiently waiting for you. In a floating castle, no less. I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I suspect that won’t be happening this time. What about that sweet new power, though?

Well, it’s probably the old power in a new form. My guess is Link was holding the Sheikah Slate when those cursed tendrils hit him. Rather than being monster-fied (something we’ll see happening to a bunch of other people first), the Slate will break and fuse with his right arm. Also the castle is in the sky now! The sequel will see Link spending a lot more time airborne, effectively doubling the size of the world map without actually making a whole new one. It’s pretty clever! The game is set for release sometime in 2022, so hopefully we’ll get some more details soon. For instance, is that Zombie Ganon doing all the evil, a new version of Aghanim, or a different villain? I’m kidding, it’s never a different villain. The trailer is embedded below!