Check Out the Details of Mario Golf: Super Rush in the New Trailer

Five Weeks to Tee Time

A few months ago, Mario Golf: Super Rush was announced for the Nintendo Switch. Things have been kind of quite for news of that game, but today we got an in-depth look at what it has to offer. This trailer shows off the methods of play from the unique capabilities of the Switch, the different game modes, and how it differs from previous Mario Golf games. You will be able to use the motion controls to swing your Joy Con or use the classic button controls to determine the strength of your swing.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Each character in the game will have their own strengths and weakness, according to their individual stats. However, playing as a Mii will allow you to complete training and challenges to max out their stats, which seems like a way to make base game characters obsolete. Classic characters do have their own special abilities and shots for special game types. While many courses are in green, traditional places. There are also course that are inspired by various Mario games, like desert areas full of enemies like Pokey and Piranha Plants.

Super Rush will have two game modes called Speed Golf and Battle Golf. In Speed Golf, players can take shots concurrently, meaning they will not have to wait their turn to shoot. Instead, they will rush over to their ball, racing against other players and even knocking them out of the way. Special shots also have offensive abilities to disrupt other players. In Battle Golf, the courses turn into arenas, where players will have to capture multiple holes before their opponents. There are special items and hazards to use and overcome. Mario Golf: Super Rush will be out on June 25th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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