I Am Fish Will Have You Hooked This Summer

We Are Fish

Bossa Studios are at it again. In the same vein as their 2015 game I Am Bread, they will be releasing a 3D puzzle game called I Am Fish. They have recently announced this title and released a trailer showing off the basic concepts and wackiness of this game. The whole feel of the game is very reminiscent of Finding Nemo, particularly the part where Willem Defoe plans his escape from the dental office into the sea. The object of I Am Fish is to get your fish to a new body of water, whether that is a swimming pool or lake, to reunite these fishy friends.

I Am Fish

Separated from each other in a pet shop, Goldfish, Pufferfish, Piranha, and Flying Fish must escape captivity to find each other. They all appear to have their own abilities (though it is unclear what Goldfish can do). Pufferfish can inflate, deflate, and roll on surfaces, Piranha can hop and bite objects to drag and pull them, and Flying Fish can… well, fly. Players will have to use their thinking brain to solve physics-based and logic puzzles to get your traversally-challenged friend out into the world.

If you played I Am Bread, you will be happy to know that I Am Fish is the “o-fish-al” sequel and appears to use similar mechanics. I Am Fish is set to launch this Summer for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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