Ghostrunner 2 Is Officially in Development Says 505 Games


The cyberpunk genre was meant to reach success of biblical proportions in 2020, but the supposed deliverer of that prophecy was a biblical upset. Not all cyberpunk titles were disappointing though. Almost from out of nowhere, Ghostrunner from One More Level appeared on all platforms and blew everyone away. It seemed like throughout all of November of 2020, everyone was streaming or playing the game. Those who enjoyed it, which seems to be everyone, will be pleased to know that Ghostrunner 2 is officially in development by One More Level and will be coming out on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Ghostrunner 2

Yesterday, 505 Games announced Ghostrunner 2. This time, they will be doubling their investment from the previous game. More money does not mean that it will be a better game, but with One More Level coming back, they have all they need to do it again. Where does the new game pick up though? [Spoilers] For those who beat the first game, you will know that the main character supposedly met his end. By defeating the Architect and destroying the Cybervoid, Jack the Ghostrunner was said to be destroyed. This act also let humanity choose its own path going forward, which either means they will have a happy, peaceful ending or repeat their mistakes that put them in a desolate future in the first place. It is however, hinted that Jack could return.

Obviously, not too much is known about the release of Ghostrunner 2 other than its supporting platforms. It is probably still a ways off. We are after all still awaiting PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of Ghostrunner, which are expected to release sometime this year. Ghostrunner 2 is expected to come out on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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