Lugia Confirmed in New Pokemon Snap Commercial

Please Let Us Catch Every Legendary on Film

New Pokemon Snap is looking absolutely magical–in fact, dare we say it, it looks legendary. Which is very fitting, seeing as this new thirty-second commercial has confirmed that players will have a chance to dive underwater and take pictures of Johto Legendary Lugia in its natural habitat. This opens up a ton of new possibilities, including a host of other Legendaries that might feature and the opportunity to see them interacting with their environments. Can you dive into a deep-sea trench and see Kyogre playing with Sharpedos? Crawl into a volcano to see Groudon napping, surrounded by Slugma? We don’t know, but we definitely can’t wait to find out.

For those of you who didn’t grow up with Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal–or who didn’t watch Pokemon: The Movie 2000: The Power of One–Lugia is a Psychic/Flying Legendary Pokemon that lives deep beneath the sea. Think of it as a cross between a swan, a penguin, and a magical dinosaur-bird. Its counterpart is Ho-Oh, the Fire/Flying rainbow bird that Ash saw in the very first episode of the anime, which looks a bit like an oversized bird of paradise and lives far above the clouds. Ho-Oh has yet to be sighted in New Pokemon Snap marketing, but we’d absolutely love to see it in action.

There’s always something amazing about seeing Legendary Pokemon just behaving like ordinary Pokemon. From Mew playing with its bubbles and Mewtwo looking down at the Earth from space to Latias playing in water and Celebi darting happily between trees, watching these godlike beings in their natural state can be truly breathtaking. If there’s anything we want to see from New Pokemon Snap, it’s the chance to follow these legends around on their daily lives.

New Pokemon Snap Lugia

Who knows, maybe we can lure Arceus out with snacks and take pics of the Pokemon world’s creator deity eating poffins. That would be pretty cool.

New Pokémon Snap comes out on April 30th exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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