Cook, Craft, and Upgrade in Resident Evil Village

The Duke’s Cooking Show

In a few weeks, Resident Evil Village will be coming out in just a few weeks. In related news, everyone on the internet will also be horny on main around that time. Looking over all we have gathered from the past year of reveals and announcements, Village will be familiar enough for Resident Evil VII players, but also have features we have not yet seen in the series. For instance, we have seen evidence that Resident Evil Village will have a photo mode. That is probably not a coincidence that one of the main villains is also hot AF.

Resident Evil Village

In an exclusive gameplay video from Game Informer, we are getting a look at an upgrade system for Ethan Winters and his gear. In previous Resident Evil games, upgrading weapons is a familiar concept. This can be done by adding attachments or paying for increased damage or magazine size. In Resident Evil Village, Ethan will be able to upgrade his weapons by paying for weapon upgrades, similar to how the player could in Resident Evil 5.

Ethan can also upgrade himself. Animals found around the village can drop crafting items when killed. Chickens, yak, pigs, and fish yield meat with which you can cook dishes. These dishes can be made to give Ethan permanent upgrades, like increased damage resistance. These cooking and weapon upgrades can be done through The Duke’s Emporium, which is a traveling merchant, where players can buy and sell items, in addition to cooking dishes and upgrading weapons. Resident Evil Village will be available on May 7th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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