XCOM: Chimera Squad Rated for Consoles *UPDATED*

UPDATE (03-30-2021):

A statement from a 2K spokesperson reads: “XCOM: Chimera Squad is only available on PC; we do not have any plans to release the game on additional platforms.”

Slated for Release Last Week?

Last year, Firaxis Games and 2K came out with XCOM: Chimera Squad, which launched exclusively on PC. Recently, Pan European Game Information (PEGI) rated the game for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, suggesting that 2K has plans to release it on consoles. It is not uncommon for games to be released on PC and have a later console release or vice versa, but according to PEGI, the consoles release date should have been last week. So, are console players going to get the latest XCOM game or not?

XCOM: Chimera Squad

XCOM: Chimera Squad has a bit of a release story about the PC launch. It was announced and then released in about a week. Leave it to a strategy game to make a surprise attack, right? This supposed console release is just the opposite though. According to PEGI, the release date for the console version of Chimera Squad was supposed to be March 26th. Maybe this is some technical error where the date of the certification was placed as the release date. Until Firaxis Games or 2K makes an official announcement, this just remains speculation.

All the games in the reboot series of the franchise have been released on consoles, with the exception of Chimera Squad, so far. Though none of them have had gaps quite this long between console and PC releases. XCOM: Chimera Squad is available on PC.

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