The Witcher 4 May Be Entering Development Next Year

A Bold Move from CD Projekt Red

With how Cyberpunk 2077 turned out, it’s easy to forget that CD Projekt Red were once seen as a great developer. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt got a lot of love for its gorgeous graphics and intricate gameplay, despite the small development team compared to other AAA offerings.

Still, you’re only as good as your last game. Cyberpunk 2077’s poor reception may permanently affect how CDPR are seen in the industry, especially now that we know about the game’s troubled development, whether it’s the numerous delays or the mandatory overtime.

Still, CDPR are looking to regain their former glory, and it looks like they’re expanding operations, as 2022 will see them working on both the Witcher and Cyberpunk universes simultaneously. While Cyberpunk’s development will likely involve numerous patches to help bring the game up to the state CDPR originally intended, the fact that there hasn’t been a new Witcher game in six years, plus the success of the series, means that it’s likely we’ll see Witcher 4 entering development.

As for Cyberpunk 2077, it’s worth keeping in mind that CDPR recently purchased one of their publishing partners, Digital Scapes, which focuses on AAA multiplayer, console, and PC gameplay. The newly renamed CD Projekt Red Vancouver have been working on the game with CD Projekt Red since 2018 so it’s likely we’ll see a multiplayer focus in what comes out next year, especially as numerous patches will have (hopefully) brought the game somewhat up to the state players were hoping for.

Witcher story witcher franchise

So, what can we expect from The Witcher 4? CD Projekt Red know that they have a lot to make up for, and with The Witcher 4 they have to mee thte expectations of fans of the critically acclaimed prequel. We don’t know what direction the story will go in, but it’s a safe bet that CDPR will do whatever they can to try and limit controversy and make sure the game meets expectations.

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