Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut Makes a Splash on Switch Today

A Beautiful and Troubling Adventure Returns

There are a lot of games about depression, aren’t there? Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining–great games often come from exploring dark and troubling themes, and mental health certainly qualifies there. The original Sea of Solitude dove into protagonist Kay’s lonely, flooded world and tasked players with helping her overcome the worst of herself. Announced during The Game Awards 2020, Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut takes that eerie setting, haunting story, and deeply affecting premise and runs with it. Or should we say ‘sails away with it?’ Either way, The Director’s Cut is adding all-new cutscenes, exclusive features, and plenty of other cool stuff for the Switch exclusive definitive edition. And the launch trailer is pretty neat, too.

This reworked version of the indie title includes a new voice cast, a script reworked with the help of award-winning author Stephen Bell, and new flair controls that take advantage of the Nintendo Switch hardware. Plus, there’s a photo mode now, so you can take as many cute and spooky pictures of this fluffy monster girl and her inner demons as you want. The game even boasts a complete dub in English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese, so pick your language of choice and start playing.

Cornelia Geppert, Founder and Creative Director of Jo-Mei, had this to say about the studio’s partnership with Quantic Dream: “This partnership and release of the Director’s Cut will allow more people to experience Kay’s journey the way we intended, whether that’s on-the-go or in the comfort of their own home.”

Whatever language you choose to experience it in, Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut is certainly a journey we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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