Fan-Made Dragon Ball Demon Breaker Demo Coming Out This Month

Inside Your Favorite Trunks

Ugh. Another Dragon Ball game. What are the big Dragon Ball games we’ve had in the past few years? Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Dragon Ball FighterZ. There’s just too many, and now there’s Dragon Ball Demon Breaker? Come on, Bandai Namco. But wait. This is not a Bandai Namco project or in any way affiliated with official Dragon Ball property owners. This game is an entirely free, fan-made project. The maker has just announced that a Dragon Ball Demon Breaker demo will be available this month, so you can see how much it differentiates from the official games.

Dragon Ball Demon Breaker Demo

Since Demon Breaker is not official and is not accepting any donations, we cannot expect all the glitz and glam that comes with the ones from Bandai Namco. There is a short teaser for the demo to watch. The gameplay is pretty basic, but it’s a work-in-progress. We see a stylized Future Trunks facing off against some foes wielding energy swords. The fighting we are used to from the series is there. We see Trunk doing sweet flips, dashes, mid-air combat, Super Saiyan transformations, Kai auras, and all that good stuff.

Unfortunately, the AI does not seem very sophisticated. We don’t really see the enemies fighting back at all. Maybe Trunks is just a bully in this game? AI programming may just be a struggle for this developer at the moment. Still, if you are looking to see what hardcore fans want out of a Dragon Ball game, you may want to check it out and keep your eye on it. Dragon Ball Demon Breaker will have a demo coming out this month.

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