Here’s Why RIP Fortnite is Trending on Twitter

We Don’t Know What You Expected, Fortnite Players

So #RIPFortnite is trending on Twitter. What does this mean? Is Epic Games shutting down? Has a disastrous patch broken the game? Is Fortnite even playable anymore? The good news is that Epic Games is not shutting down, the game is not broken, and Fortnite is in perfectly fine condition (now featuring Street Fighter characters). The bad news–er, kinda–is that Epic Games is clamping down on wager matches, which is where most of the outrage is coming from. The rest is just general discontent with a game that has been around for years and is now officially ‘old’ and ‘dead’ in the eyes of the youth. That side of the hashtag probably doesn’t need explanation. The wager match thing is a bit more complicated.


If you’ve never heard of wager matches before, here’s the deal: they’re a kind of unofficial game mode where people bet on the winner of a match. It promotes gambling to Fortnite’s young playerbase and is very much against Fortnite’s Terms of Service agreement, which all players must agree to before they start the game, so no wonder Epic Games is trying to crack down on it. Despite these very reasonable arguments, plenty of people are very upset because they think wager matches have been keeping the game afloat. We aren’t convinced, and neither is Epic Games.

Popular streamers like Clix have broken the Terms of Services by playing in and promoting wager matches, and Epic Games refuses to let this slide any longer. In other words, they’ve gotten in contact with these streamers and are directly threatening them with bans if they continue. Honestly, we’re not sure what else these streamers expected to happen.

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