New Outriders Footage Drops at Square Enix Presents

Hell off Earth

There’s a lot to be excited for with Outriders. The cooperative sci-fi RPG puts you in the shoes of, well, an Outrider, a scouting party on the planet of Enoch, which has recently been colonized. Searching for a mysterious signal which could offer fresh hope for humanity, you encounter a mysterious storm which mutates you, giving you the ability to manipulate time, space, and matter. Unluckily for you, the flora and fauna of Enoch have likewise been evolved – and they’re not happy with the planet’s new inhabitants.

The new trailer focuses heavily on the fauna, following one of Enoch’s native birds as it flies across the planet, from towering mountains to misty plains; vibrant forests to arid deserts.

Of course, the bird is no match for the titular outriders, who make short work of the creature, before jumping into battle with more of Enoch’s creatures in a fast-paced montage which showcases the powers of each of the game’s four classes.

The other video revealed offers more of a deep dive, going into more detail on things like the crafting and customization systems, and what you can expect from each of the four classes (Trickster, Devastator, Pyromancer, and Technomancer). While it’s possible to mix and match your character’s power, the team at People Can Fly designed the game so that you’ll need to make hard decisions.

The game’s also making a lot of effort to create a living, vibrant world, whether it’s the fact that there are side quests dotted around the planet which will see you face off against cults and monsters, or the fact that you can decorate your convoy with the skulls of your slain enemies – as the narrator points out, what’s the point of taking trophies from battle if you can’t show them off?

Outriders drops on April 1st. Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook