Monster Hunter Rise Sells 4 Million Copies At Launch

Monster Hunter Rise Sees Incredible Launch Weekend

The latest entry in the Monster Hunter series launched this past weekend and is off to an incredible start. Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise sold over 4 million copies since its launch on Friday, March 26.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest Monster Hunter title and is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch for the time being, with a PC version set to release sometime next year.

The game has been out for roughly 4 days and has sold about 4 million copies, which as of September 2020 is about the same sales figures as the last Monster Hunter game to hit the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The key difference is that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate had been out for about 2 years at the time, while Monster Hunter Rise hasn’t even been out for a week.

It’ll still be some time until the game surpasses the reigning Monster Hunter king, Monster Hunter World, which has sold over 16 million copies across the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game as of November 2020.

Capcom credits part of the game’s successful launch to the two demos they made available prior to the game’s release.

“The title garnered critical acclaim following the release of two demos featuring both local and online cooperative play prior to launch, with resulting shipments exceeding 4 million units.”

It’s not just Monster Hunter Rise’s sale figures that are looking good at launch as the game has been getting critical praise and extremely positive reviews.

Monster Hunter Rise isn’t the only game from the series fans get to enjoy this year as the turn-based monster capturing spin-off, Monster Hunter Stories:¬†Wings of Ruin is set to release this July.

Monster Hunter Rise has the potential to be the best-selling entry in the series and with Monster Hunter Stories: Wings of Ruin releasing so closely behind it, this is going to be a great year for Capcom.