Pedro Pascal May be Teasing The Last of Us’s Tagline

It Can’t be For Nothing

The Last of Us has all the makings to be the best video game adaptation of all time. Involvement from the game’s creator, backing by HBO, the promised inclusion of story beats cut from the game, and some great casting mean that excitement is high, and Pedro Pascal can’t seem to help teasing us.

The thing is, he keeps using the same quote of the game to tease us: No matter what, you keep finding something to live for.

Is there any significance here? Well, it’s possible. The series is filled with iconic lines about the nature of survival and humanity, but the fact that the same line is being used could mean that we’re in fact seeing the tagline for the upcoming series. As of now we’ve not seen anyone else involved in the production – like Bella Ramsey – following suit, which would help lend credence to the theory.

The thing is, this line probably suits Ellie and Joel’s relationship more than any other line in the game. Joel’s character is battle-hardened and world weary, and he initially treats transporting Ellie as nothing but another job, but slowly finds himself fighting for her, giving her more independence and eventually coming to love her as a daughter. It’s part of what makes the game’s infamous ending so poignant, the fact that the two have become a surrogate family unit, with each fighting for the other and Joel in particular finding that he would rather save one girl than the world. As far as possible taglines go, it’s certainly poetic.


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Of course, it’s still to early to be certain. This could just be Pedro choosing his favorite line from the games and using it as a caption, especially since development is still in its early stages, so any significant marketing decisions may be far off. But hey, any news is good news when it comes to this project.

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