Here’s What’s New in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Some Big Changes Are Coming to the Remaster

We’ve already talked about what’s included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – the remaster of the first trilogy in the hit franchise. By and large it’s going to be great both for returning players – who will be able to enjoy everything they loved in the originals – and all the included DLC – and players who missed it on earlier consoles and want the chance to finally experience the series on the latest console generation.

Still, it isn’t just what’s returning that’s big news – even if it’s been remastered for 4K Ultra HD. There’s also a couple of new features that are bound to excite fanbase.

Firstly, Femshep. While the option to play as a female Shepherd has been available from the first game, arguably the most iconic iteration of the character is the default introduced in the third game. In Legendary Edition, you’ll be able to play as this iteration from the very start – and continue using her throughout all three games.

We’ll also be seeing Bioware leaning heavily into diversity with a wider array of skintones, cosmetics, and make-up, making it easier than ever to make the Shepherd of your dream.

Sadly, we won’t be getting any new romance options – which is a sore point for me, since it means waiting until the third game to play as a gay Shepherd – despite the fact that a female Shepherd can romance characters of either gender from the very beginning. While mods allowing male same-sex romance are available for the original games, these aren’t official, and as such anyone hoping for a gay Shepherd will have to wait for the third game.

Still, we’ll get millions of new unique combinations and ways to make a wholly unique Shepherd, so while the game may not be quite as diverse as many were hoping – including me – it’s still proof that we’ve come a long way, and that can only be a good thing.

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